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Art Deco’

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For there is no art where there is no style,

and there is no style where there is no unity

and unity is of the individual.

(Oscar Wilde)

Art Deco style wall

Art Deco Style Wall

LIFandE offers to its prestigious customers the refined decorations that were typical in the early decades of the twentieth century. Characterized by the use of materials such as aluminum, steel, lacqueror wood marquetry and by a design that favored V-shaped forms, checkerboards, zigzag, circles, ovals, large geometric curves and stylized designs, the Art Deco precedes and inspires the Abstract Art and the Bauhaus. Very different from the floral volutes of Art Nouveau, sometimes it can be foundnicely blended with the latter, in this case strongly accentuating the historical citation. The decorations signed by LIFandE reported here evoke theferment of the “Belle Epoque” and these characteristic styles: they recall the brilliant life in the great European capitals, the many artistic experiences, the new technologies and all the great positive ideas that foreshadowed an era of peace and prosperity.

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