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Art Nouveau

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“One has to make his own life like a work of art is done.

…The true superiority is all here “

(Gabriele D’Annunzio)




LIFandE loves to take inspiration from naturein Art Nouveau style (Liberty). They love to study the structural elements, translating them into a dynamic and wavy line, with a fluid stroke. Plants, flowers, seasons, depicted as beautiful women. Thefigures seem to come alive and evolve naturally in forms like plants or flowers. As in the Art Nouveau, LIFandE goes further and doesn’t hesitate in employing new materials: textured surfaces, antique, coated and satin finishes, crackle effects, decorative epoxy resins, stylization and abstraction, all techniques in the service of pure design. Lacquers and burnishing, gold and silver, embellish that which already is valuable in itself.


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