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“Round an apartment of the house of Giovanni Vespucci in the Via de’ Servi,

…he made many pictures wich were enclosed by frames of walnut-wood,

with many most lively and beautiful figures”.

(Giogio Vasari – The Lives – Life of the Florentine painter Sandro Botticelli)

Porta, colonne finto marmo e boiseries

Door, Faux Marble Columns and Woodwork

The professional standards.

LIFandE decorations on woodwork made with extremely precise color applications complete the environmentaccording to the professional standards. The intervention of  LIFandE gilders and decoratorshas the aim of enhancing with taste and a wise choice of the appropriate techniques the qualities of the wood and the refinement of the carvings. The best products on the market, enamels, paints and suitable materials complete the result, which is not only aesthetically flawless but also created to last longer over time. LIFandE has always been synonymous with prestige and elegance.


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