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“… I lose myself in bizarre dreams facing the spectacle of my painting

and I sink myself into reflections on the science of painting

and on the great mystery of art. “

(Giorgio de Chirico)



Painting a ceiling is not straightforward. To look up to a LIFandE ceiling becomes a real life experience.

These are manufactures which do not need comments. Shown below, some images of the works carried out in prestigious locations in various parts of the world. Those images, with their variety of shapes, colors, chromatic and painting effects, may only let you perceive the emotions of the great original works. Sometimes the pictures just do not convey the proper glossy or brushed effects, the stucco reliefs, the gold or silver leaf gilding, the faux Marmorino finishing, the quality of faux marble and travertine. You can only perceive from the images how these ceilings are in harmonious accord with the volumes of the underlying spaces, starting from their well distinct architectural elements to the enhancement of furniture itself. These works are unique, bright, to be lived.

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