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The egregious spirits would

…not avoid to any effort, though serious,

to bring their works to that perfection,

that made them beautiful,

marvelous in the whole world …

(Giogio Vasari – The Lives – Of other Italian authors)

Cupola a ottagoni d'oro

Golden Octagon Dome


The dome or cupola is a symbol of the heaven’s sky,which hosts the axis of the world and a perfect miniature of the universe, in its order and in its beauty. This architectural element that was so intensely used in the late Roman Empire, had great prestige and was the bearer of meanings and ideas related to the concept of centrality of Power. LIFandE enriches the perfect hemispherical volume, decorates its vaults with ceiling roses or medallions, enhances with stucco reliefs, with light and shadow paint effects to create pleasingdepth effects. The gold or silver leaf gilding illuminates the whole composition, giving it prestige. Garlands and wreaths of flowers, floral branches, bucolic and / or figurative scenes enclosed in carefully designed shapes, columns and pilasters, capitalsand amphorae anddraperies of various shapes and colors enrich the whole, they set its circular pace, the chromatic combinations of the surfaces and the bas-relief decorative elements are always the result of a stylistic design choice, established and agreed with the client. The pictures demonstrate how these impressive architectural structures are paired with a painting technique of great visual impact.


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