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Furniture Decorations

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“… What is in the universe in essence, presence or imagination,

 he has it first in the mind,

 and then in his hands and those are of such excellence,

 that at the same time they generate a proportionate harmony in a single glance. “

(Leonardo da Vinci – Treatise on Painting)

Gold Elevator Door

Gold Elevator Door

Wall closets, Boiserie, stained glass, cutting-edge designed furniture. Style, shape, materials and techniques, in harmony with the environment. The “Contract” formularequires a refined attention to all the details. From here the need to provide a finished and designed product right from the beginning: from the choice of fine materialsto the functionality of the object, from pigmentsto adhesives and glue, from rationality to decoration merged with the context. LIFandE takes care of allrequirements regarding interior design: for both the single prestigious piece and a more large scale production. LIFandE can suggest and / or advise, but also just masterly carry out aesthetic design ideas from architects and designers, solutions that are at each time examined and built with the choice of the most suitable technology and materials.

LIFandE Mission: Italian taste and experience for a better quality of life.



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