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Mediterranean Styles

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Art is not about representing something new, but to represent with novelty.

(Ugo Foscolo)

Stile Egizio

Egyptian Style

Roman, Greek, Byzantine, Egyptian and Venetian Style: the Mediterranean.

LIFandE has signed the mural decoration and trompe l’oeil of ceilings and walls for Hotels, Resorts and private mansions: overlooking the sea. The great Mediterranean civilizations then, jointed by their aesthetic / decorative stylistic features and by the common pursuit of Beauty and Well-being, merge together and livein harmony in these rooms enveloped by the warm Mediterranean light. The decorations made with highly refined geometries,the Greek frets, the ancient style polished plaster, the Venetian plaster, the decorations of Greek and Roman amphorae, the walls decorated with silver leaf, are obtained byold and/or brand new techniques. Only by observingthe perfect geometry of the faux mosaic ceilings, where each tile is designed and hand-painted … you can appreciate the tenacity and meticulousness of contemporary artists at work on the field and it also highlights the masterly design work. We must remember therefore the quality of work of the ancient craftsmen, now as then the final result becomes the same: to create true works of art full of timeless value.


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