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… Truly heaven sometimes sends us some that do not represent the humanity alone,

but divinity itself, so that from her, as a model,

we can approach with the spirit and excellence of the intellect to the highest places of heaven. “

(Giorgio Vasari – The Lives – The Life of Leonardo da Vinci, painter and sculptor)

Chinese Dragon

Chinese Dragon

Live Exotic Experience.

LIFandE knows how to revive styles and cultures of distant peoples in an environment, knows how to evoke the warm atmospheres of the desert sand, as an example, or all the shades of reds, the lacquers, the fragrances, the spices but also incense and the streaked green of jade. LIFandE knows how to revive an enfolding sensory experience, getting the right mix between the exotic atmosphere and the refined quality of Italian taste.

Warm Orient

Warm Orient


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