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Textures & Minimal Art

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It is the quality of the material that gives a measure of the degree of perfection in a work of art.

 (Giorgio de Chirico)

Ancient Leather finish 1

Ancient Leather finish 1

The search for new wall painting techniques in order to achieve a consistently innovative design is the new conquest of  LIFandE brand.

Always taking advantage of the prestigious background of the Italian decorative tradition, with constant feedback from world famous architects, LIFandE has innovative and customized solutions for always surprising effects: from the faux “waxed” polychrome marble to the simulation of travertine marble, faux marble and Marmorino, from Venetian Plaster, shiny, satin, with high visual and tactile impact, to antique finishes with masterly glazes or crackle effects. The application of gold or silver leaf on “sensitized” surfaces treated with stucco, marble powder and / or river sand can have a great visual impact. All this and much more is part of the “Techne”: that “art of doing” that contributes to define the aesthetic principles of the new millennium. LIFandE not only aims to obtain interior design solutions of refined aesthetic taste, but especially aims to use top-notch quality materials of extreme durability, with minimum and / or non-existent maintenance for many years.



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