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And in truth he had a very good knowledge of the method of painting on walls,

which he did with very great facility…

although he was scrupulously careful in the composition of his works.

(Giogio Vasari – The Lives – Life of the Florentine painter Domenico Ghirlandaio)

Faux Candoglia Pink Marble

Faux Candoglia Pink Marble

Elegant, imaginative and surprising are LIFandE walls.

Auric shapes, styles, color effects, optical effects, antiqued, satin or trompe l’oeil walls: LIFandE colors the Walls with Art and Experience. They are always coordinated and in perfect harmony with the architectural elements that make up the interior … At the beginning it is always a white wall, plastered, already beautiful in itself, ready to be improved … and transfigured. Then it becomes the stable and everlasting support of semantic concepts that are evocative of a thousand collective experiences, thanks to the excellence of  LIFandE and to the power of our mind.

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